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PostPosted: October 12 17, 11:38 am 
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Shaun King at the Intercept, is trying to make an issue of the why this isn't big news. Frankly, it is odd it's not bigger news. but in some regards I am tired of it all. And if the goal of terrorists, foreign or home-grown, is to instill fear/paranoia - then lets not do that. So yay, it didn't work and good job done by law enforcement etc.

FWIW, I don't consider chatting about things like this on GRB that big of a deal, versus making it yet another viral media hoo hah.
this past Friday morning, at 12:39 a.m., security footage from the Asheville Regional Airport in North Carolina showed a man walking through the front doors wearing black clothing and a black cap, while carrying a bag. “Based on a review of the video, the individual walked near the entrance to the terminal, went out of sight momentarily, and was then seen departing the area without the bag,” according to the criminal complaint.

Following the Transportation Security Administration’s protocols, airport security allowed a bomb dog to sniff the bag for explosives and the dog signaled to the team the presence of dangerous materials in the bag. The concourse was then shut down. The street leading to the airport was shut down. And Asheville Regional Airport officials found themselves in a dangerous emergency situation.

What investigators eventually found in the bag was AN/FO (Ammonium Nitrate/Fuel Oil) explosives that, according to the criminal complaint, have been used “in a number of terrorist-related incidents around the world. When AN/FO comes into contact with a flame or other ignition source it explodes violently. Nails or ball bearings are often items added to the device so as to increase the devastation inflicted by the explosion.”
n fact, sharp nails and bullets were found in this improvised explosive device. Whoever built it designed the bomb to cause horrific bodily harm. Before disarming it, authorities discovered that the alarm attached to it was scheduled to go off at 6:00 a.m. that morning just as a fresh round of travelers was scheduled to arrive at the airport.

now it appears it's happened again.

PostPosted: October 12 17, 12:45 pm 
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Scary [expletive] for sure.

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