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 Post subject: Re: cops
PostPosted: May 1 19, 8:23 am 
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Gashouse wrote:
Local case in Mpls - summary:

Woman calls 911 because concerns about an assault in the alley. Cops show up. Woman goes out to meet the cops in the alley. One cop is startled, shoots and kills her. Woman is white, Australian immigrant. Cop is Somali immigrant. Cop was found guilty yesterday of 3rd degree murder and 2nd degree manslaughter. ... or-verdict

The July 15, 2017 incident began after Ruszczyk, who was also known as Justine Damond, called police that night to report a possible sexual assault in the alley behind her Minneapolis home.

Noor, one of the responding officers, shot and killed her as she approached the police squad vehicle where Noor and his partner, officer Matthew Harrity, sat. Noor shot once from the passenger side, through the driver's side window, hitting Ruszczyk.

• Full coverage: The shooting of Justine Ruszczyk, trial of ex-cop Mohamed Noor

Noor's defense attorneys argued throughout the monthlong trial that he'd fired to protect his terrified partner after hearing a thump on the squad in the alley and then seeing a figure by the driver's side window raising an arm.

"It's a tragedy, but it's not a crime," Noor attorney Thomas Plunkett told jurors Monday.

Prosecutors countered that the thump was a story made up later and that Ruszczyk, approaching the squad in her pajamas that night, could not have been considered a threat.

They presented evidence during the trial that Ruszczyk's fingerprints were not found on the outside of the squad car. Two police use-of-force experts for the prosecution concluded Noor was reckless in his decision to fire.

Conflicting feelings:
- clear excessive use of force and I think he should go to prison
- kind of seems like demographics finally lined up to kind a cop guilty

PTSD can have impacts through generations. Even though Noor immigrated when he was young, his parents likely saw some shtuff in Somalia. My wife is an ESL teacher and she's had lots of Somali students, and she's seen how this plays out.

Regardless, there is maybe one win here, but a whole bunch of losses. The win is the Mpls police have modified policy regarding body cameras so they are supposed to be on for every stop/call. But the losses are many:
- an innocent person was killed
- Somali community feels more marginalized
- not sure how to verbalize impacts to police, but there are detrimental impacts.

Ugh. Sad all the way around.

 Post subject: Re: cops
PostPosted: May 1 19, 9:54 am 
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A couple weeks back there was a police shooting at a Ladue Schnucks of a shoplifter. It came out yesterday that the defense of the officer is that she meant to grab her taser instead of her gun. :shock:

 Post subject: Re: cops
PostPosted: May 15 19, 1:05 pm 
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