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Don't look now, but the liberal establishment's favorite pod boyz are at it again!

So to recap crooked media's hilarious waffling on medicare for all:
2016 - Bernie is a joke. His ideas sound great, but grow up, peter pan!
2017 - Hillary loses, ACA comes under attack, a groundswell of populist support for single-payer rises in response. Typical to all liberal shills throughout history, the pod boyz respond to overwhelmingly favorable polling numbers to do a complete 180 on their prior position. "We like M4A now!"
2019 - As the 2020 election grows closer, big pharma and private insurance companies start handing out giant checks to any democrat shill who can pump the brakes on M4A. In a shock to absolutely [expletive] no one who pays attention, the pod boys now believe that, well actually, "insurance is the goal." Hope that money was worth it, guys. I've always been curious how much it would take to buy my beliefs, but I hope it's a lot more than these automatons got.

"Medicare access" is the worst of both worlds because it comes with the tax burden of federally funded healthcare without the collective bargaining power of single-payer. It might, in fact, be the only single healthcare plan that would be worse than what we have now.

[expletive] these [expletive] pied pipers to nowhere. I don't know where the beige lab that these douches were incubated and grown in, but if I did, I'd burn it to the ground. You want to know what capitulation to the far right looks like? It looks like [expletive] Jon Lovett. If you think that focus-grouped, bought and paid for by private interest groups [expletive] has any chance of turning back the tide of fascism in today's political/social/technological/natural environment, I've got an evaporated glacier in Montana to sell you.

75% bad faith; 25% dumb ass, btw.

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