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 Post subject: Re: Media bias?
PostPosted: May 2 19, 5:13 pm 
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How much funding does NPR get from federal sources - any? I always thought there was some. Is it significant enough that they might feel obliged to let the Trumpers speak uncontested?

 Post subject: Re: Media bias?
PostPosted: May 2 19, 5:43 pm 
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ThatGuy wrote:
Freed Roger wrote:
Haven't listened to NPR lately, (skipping the daily kick in the nuts). But listened last night going home from work to hear about Barr testimony.

They had some awful senator Trumper from TN -Marsha Blackburn(sp?). I really do not see the point in giving her airtime. There isn't enough time for NPR to ask follow ups or provide context (like what other crazy [expletive] this lady says -ask the creationism climate change denier if she believe Jesus rode around on dinosaurs ffs).
the interviewer tried to ask, if investigation of Trump should be considered closed , why then do you investigate Mueller investigation source. ? Her reply was about holding govt.agencies accountable and searching out bad actors blah blah blah. Then interview ends -no question about Trump bad actors like Manafort Flynn and their Russian oligarchs etc etc etc.

Clearly you can tell she is bat [expletive] crazy, but still what is the point of spreading it, normalizing her fascism. ?

In effect NPR trolling the listeners.

Marsha Blackburn fancies herself as a female Trump. She is awful. Her opponent in last year's election was a pretty moderate Democrat who served as Tennessee's governor from 2003-2011 (he was popular - reelected with 70% of the vote for his second term), and a lot of people were hyping up his chances of scoring an upset. He was beaten very easily. I've lost all hope when it comes to Tennessee politics.

Same here in Mo.

Btw i was hanging out w my cousin who grew up and lived near entire life in/near Nashville and desperately avoided political talk bc i didn’t want to find out he was a Trumper. He broached the topic and thank goodness he thinks Trump is a turd. Otherwise very moderate right.

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