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PostPosted: January 10 19, 10:55 pm 
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AWvsCBsteeeerike3 wrote:
heyzeus wrote:
Trump [expletive] up bigtime when he didn't just fire Rosenstein and pull the plug on the special counsel on day one. Sure, it would have triggered a constitutional crisis and been an impeachable if not criminal offense, but it's clear in hindsight that the Republican party would have done anything to protect him, no matter what crime he commits.

Now Mueller has everything he needs, and it's just a matter of timing the dominoes to fall in the right order - which he has done masterfully and will continue to do.

The only remaining question for our democracy is when the crimes are laid bare with indisputable evidence and testimony, will our government remove a truly corrupt president from the office. I don't know the answer to that. I wish I was more optimistic.

I haven't really kept up with the Mueller investigation other than reading headlines every now and then about Trump's lawyer and possibly Manafort going to the clink. (Was that even part of Mueller's investigation?) Regardless, is there an article that kind of has a recap of what the report could possibly say and what the outcomes would be from a legal perspective?

No, there isn't, because Mueller has kept his mouth shut, and his team has followed his lead. The current indications are that the binder he hands over to the AG in 6 months, a year, whenever will have limited political effects. Trump is a repulsive human being, and there's no evidence that he did anything within the scope of the investigation that can top what we already know (or for that matter that's worse than what we knew on election day in 2016). Whitaker, Barr, or Barr's replacement in 2020 can sit on the report, but that's not likely to matter, since Mueller's primary means of communicating his findings will be through indictments.

Manafort's convictions did spring from the Mueller investigation, but Manafort's illegal activities don't point to Trump, except serving as further proof that Trump has had god-awful judgment in his hiring decisions. Manafort is political sleaze incarnate, so he was doomed the minute he joined a campaign that was run so strangely that it was almost certain to face criminal investigations.

PostPosted: January 10 19, 11:08 pm 
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here is one recap.
Legal Outcomes, who knows whether the laws will ever apply. Racketeering. who knows?-, treason.
consider this:
Link to last May, majority of Americans unaware of Mueller probe convictions 8 months ago, but still... how is that possible. When the report comes out, all these Russians etc too confusing for Americans.

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