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 Post subject: Re: Bernie
PostPosted: May 28 19, 5:22 pm 
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thrill wrote:
33anda3rd wrote:
Another angle on this attitude I'm developing toward Sanders: he's been running as the green/progressive/DSA choice for President for about 4 years now. Why hasn't he given us something as detailed and thoughtful as AOC's Green New Deal, which she accomplished in like 2 months on the job? Why does he exist in soundbites of "The rich don't need this much" and "Healthcare for all" and not in policy as a guy who's been in government a long time? His are ideas that we are all behind, that's why we fell for Bernie, but he's never put any policy behind them. That's why I'm fully on board with Warren at this point.

Couple things.
1) What's this we stuff? We fell for Bernie?
2) Bernie has plenty of policy proposals on his record and but to your point, he's been essential in getting progressives like AOC elected and has been very actively campaigning. I'm sure this isn't news to you regardless of the false premise you're using to criticize Bernie here, but AOC, Elizabeth Warren, etc, they all have policy teams. AOC didn't draft the GND herself. She's the face of it, but that was the Sunrise Movement. You know think tanks and policy wonks exist. Why are you acting like they don't when it's convenient to criticize Bernie? Because you don't like him. Which is fine, but I'm still going to call [expletive] on your [expletive].

I don’t mean we fell for Bernie, like, we were tricked by Bernie. I mean we fell in love with Bernie. I like Bernie, and his policies. I’ve said on here before, I gave the personal max to Bernie in 2016. I went to a Bernie rally. I phonebanked. So did my wife. But we are giving it to Warren this time.

I’m criticizing Bernie because I’ve no longer fallen in love with him. There’s a link I posted in the Election 2020 thread this AM about Warren and the amount of policy and legislation she’s filing. It’s 2X Bernie.

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