Predictions on 2007 outcomes

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jim wrote:
pop_haines wrote:I may have rocks thrown at me for this, but I'm
taking the Cubs dead seriously this year.

No question about it. The Cubs have turned themselves into an average team, and that may be enough.

My picks today would be NYA/CLE/LAA + DET in the AL, and SD/STL/PHI + NYN in the NL. World Series, Cards over Yankees. Why not?

The 2 most successful and historic franchises in the history of babseball meet yet again in the series. I am all for it!!!
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I, too, would love to see a Cards/Yanks series. My father and grandmother made a bet on the '64 WS when he was 9 yrs old. He lost of course. I have (or had) a 1964 Cardinal champion glass set. It belonged to my great aunt who was another huge Cardinal fan. Yeah, I could see these two teams playing for the championship very soon. Both are in good shape for the future..
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