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Re: Former Cardinals Watch

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Re: Former Cardinals Watch

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Sandy Alcantara Sinks His Way to Success
by Jake Mailhot
September 13, 2019 ... o-success/
There hasn’t been much to celebrate this year in Miami, but the Marlins starting rotation has been a source of a few positive developments. Caleb Smith and Pablo López started off the season strong but faded in the second half. Zac Gallen and Jordan Yamamoto both made their major league debuts, and while Gallen was shipped out at the trade deadline, Yamamoto has shown some promise as a 23-year-old rookie. But the most exciting progress has come from Sandy Alcantara.

On the surface, Alcantara’s stat line doesn’t look that impressive. His park and league adjusted FIP sits just seven percent above league average but that’s more due to some luck in keeping the ball in the ballpark. His 18% strikeout rate is one of the worst in the majors among qualified starters despite a fastball that sits in the mid-90s. The biggest question mark attached to him as a prospect was his command of his repertoire. In his 42 major league innings prior to this year, he ran a walk rate above 15%. He’s managed to drop that down to 10.7% this year, but that’s still one of the worst walk rates in the majors.

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Re: Former Cardinals Watch

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Albert Pujols has more seasons of 90+ RBI than any other player in MLB history.

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Re: Former Cardinals Watch

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Re: Former Cardinals Watch

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Magneto2.0 wrote:
I figured this day was coming soon. It makes me sad.

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Re: Former Cardinals Watch

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Gashouse wrote:
Magneto2.0 wrote:
I figured this day was coming soon. It makes me sad.
Me too! :(

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Re: Former Cardinals Watch

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Stephen Piscotty lists his $1.4 million Creve Coeur home for sale

Yes, you heard right, former Cardinals outfielder Stephen Piscotty is putting his contemporary St. Louis-area home on the market.

The house, listed for $1.45 million on Zillow, features four bedrooms, six bathrooms and is "like an oasis tucked away in the heart of Creve Coeur."
New GRB clubhouse? Who's in?

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Re: Former Cardinals Watch

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That looks like a doctor's office.

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Re: Former Cardinals Watch

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I'm from Creve Coeur! The lower rent part.

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Re: Former Cardinals Watch

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Six bathrooms? Piscotty must have a bladder the size of a peanut.

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