Cardinals hire Randy Flores as new Scouting Director

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Re: Cardinals hire Randy Flores as new Scouting Director

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JoeMcKim wrote:
April 4 21, 3:14 am
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April 3 21, 12:51 pm
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April 2 21, 7:19 pm
Knot Hole Gang Vet wrote:
August 30 15, 8:23 pm
I talked to our daughter's ex husband today, and he told me that the Cardinals have been scouting his nephew in Southern California for the last year. The amazing thing is that he is 13, and in middle school. He has been gung ho on baseball since he was about 6, and has always been the star shortstop on all the teams on which he played. I know we are signing kids out of high school these days, but this is really amazing to me.

I guess the idea is to seek out only the outstanding players on all the teams in your area, and later when it's time for them to try to break into baseball, the scouts have a leg up on the competition who come late to table.
If this kid is the real deal it doesn't matter how much you scout him as a junior high kid, he still has to be availabel in the draft when its the Cardinals turn to draft.
That kid should be about 19 by now. Wonder if he is still playing ball.

I miss Knot Hole Gang Vet's posts.
I would be wary of some kid who peaks too early.

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Re: Cardinals hire Randy Flores as new Scouting Director

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now thats good gif use

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