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Re: Orioles sign Chris Davis 7/161

Posted: April 9 19, 9:16 am
by 33anda3rd
Famous Mortimer wrote:
33anda3rd wrote:This is a first for me: I'm going to defend the Pujols deal as not being that bad.
I rather lose $50 than get $5 back of $100.
First of all, "I would rather...." Mr. Writer Man.
There's nothing I like more than someone who points out grammatical errors in an online chat. Well done, sir.

How much did the Angels pay for that 6.9 WAR, out of interest? You're placing your marker in a very strange place to make a point and I'm not sure why.
The grammar thing was sarcasm about people correcting people on the internet, as I was about to correct him on the internet.

It doesn't matter in the context of his point--that Pujols' deal is worse than Davis'--what LAA paid for Pujols' WAR unless it's placed next to what BAL paid for Davis' WAR.

Through 2018 on their current deals:
Pujols: $153MM for 6.8 fWAR
Davis: $92MM for -0.7 fWAR

Pujols has at least delivered some kind of value, he's produced some runs and wins for them. And as bad as Pujols has been, -1.9 fWAR is his worst season, while Davis's worst is -3.1.

Yeah, Pujols is bad. He hit 240-something in 3 of the last 4 years. Davis hit .168 last year. If Pujols is -1.0 fWAR this year he will be as un-valuable in four years as Davis was in last season alone. Davis is waaayyyy worse than Pujols and he's 6 years younger, which makes sense because Davis was never nearly as good as Pujols to begin with, another great reason not to give him a nine-figure deal.

The Davis deal is worse, and Dan Sym is wrong.

Re: Orioles sign Chris Davis 7/161

Posted: April 9 19, 10:39 am
by CardsofSTL
Chris Davis breaks hitless streak record
For nearly a decade, Eugenio Velez owned an obscure place in baseball infamy all to himself. But not anymore. In the annals of Major League history, Chris Davis now stands alone.

By going hitless in five trips to the plate during Baltimore’s 12-4 win over the A’s on Monday, Davis stretched his hitless streak to a Major League-record 49 consecutive at-bats dating back to last season. Davis lined out three times to set the mark, which Velez held since the 2011 season, then struck out looking in his final two at-bats to extend it.

“You just feel for him and wish something would fall,” Orioles manager Brandon Hyde said. “Just pulling for him to get a hit and for the ball to hit the outfield grass somewhere. It didn’t. It’s one of those things. You’ve got to stay upbeat and stay positive. He’s battling.”

In that light, Hyde pointed to the three balls Davis struck with upwards of 90 mph exit velocity as signs of progress. Davis hit liners of 92.4 and 90.7 mph for outs off Oakland starter Marco Estrada in the second and third, respectively, and tagged a Yusmiero Petit pitch at 103.5 mph in the fifth, per Statcast, to set the record in the fifth. Combined with the 18 degree launch angle, similarly batted balls come with a .580 expected batting average.

“The first three at-bats were really good,” Hyde said. “So, I'm taking that as a positive moving forward. How about the defense he played? Made a diving play, made a couple really nice plays. He helped us win the game.”

Davis entered the game ranked tied for third (at-bats) and fifth (plate appearances) among the worst-ever hitless streaks, respectively. Monday night, he surpassed four players -- former Brooklyn Superbas catcher Bill Bergen, Brewers infielder Craig Counsell and Astros infielder Dave Campbell -- on the former list. All compiled hitless streaks of 45 consecutive at-bats. A former utility infielder, Velez put together 46 hitless at-bats from 2010-11 with the Giants and Dodgers.

There are examples of players who recovered from hitless streaks of 40 at-bats or more -- Robin Ventura, Todd Zeile and Tony Bernazard among them -- and went on to enjoy productive careers. But a common thread is shared by many others: they were out of baseball shortly after. Velez technically didn’t end his streak -- he was demoted to the Minors and never appeared in the big leagues again. Bill Bergen, whose dead ball era 45 at-bat streak held for more than a century, lasted two seasons before resorting to independent ball. Craig Counsell retired shortly after his 45 hitless at-bat streak ended in 2011.

Re: Orioles sign Chris Davis 7/161

Posted: April 13 19, 3:33 pm
by CardsofSTL

Re: Orioles sign Chris Davis 7/161

Posted: April 13 19, 4:34 pm
by Magneto2.0
He went 3 for 5 today

Re: Orioles sign Chris Davis 7/161

Posted: June 11 19, 5:01 pm
by InvincibleCakeEater
Now at .166 .243 .297 .540 over the last 2 years.

For reference, Wainwright for his career...
.199 .226 .304 .530

Re: Orioles sign Chris Davis 7/161

Posted: June 11 19, 9:04 pm
by sighyoung
70,000 votes for Davis for the All-Star Game. That's hilarious.

Re: Orioles sign Chris Davis 7/161

Posted: June 11 19, 9:24 pm
by Big Amoco Sign
sighyoung wrote:70,000 votes for Davis for the All-Star Game. That's hilarious.
Get him in.

Why not? Just to piss off MLB.