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Re: My prediction: We sign Robert for a total of $65 mil. Yo

Posted: September 4 19, 4:09 pm
by Big Amoco Sign
thrill wrote:
Big Amoco Sign wrote:I am guessing the team wants to roll the dice with O'Neill to make/break himself for April-June 2020 and if he fails, it's Carlson time.
Spoiler alert: Break.

Hopefully Carlson has an insane spring so we don't have to delay the inevitable.
Lol I don't get the default O'Neill hate (for lack of better term).

1.3 fWAR in 284 PAs in spotty/limited playing time. Bring the K/BB to his minor league levels and let his power take over. He can also play center field/right field if one of those guys fail too. Doesn't have to be O'Neill vs. Carlson. Three OF spots.

We've given entire, and multiple seasons to sub-2 WAR starters in the past. /broken record