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General baseball podcasts

Posted: June 12 19, 5:01 pm
by Famous Mortimer
I just got back into "Productive Outs" after them having a long hiatus and me forgetting they'd decided to start up again, and it's great. They talk weird local sodas, have a featured musician every week they play a couple of songs by, have an interview with someone interesting, and talk a lot of baseball.

I don't really listen to tons of other baseball podcasts, though, not "Effectively Wild" because I don't love the hosts, occasionally The Ringer's MLB show...what stuff do you lot listen to?

Re: General baseball podcasts

Posted: June 12 19, 5:04 pm
by CardsofSTL
It might be the homer in me but I like listening to Tony's Talk every week. Other podcasts I listen to vary depending on my mood but the LaRussa talks feed my nostalgia craving for about a half hour per week; which is enough.