8/5 GDT Cardinals (Wacha) at Dodgers (Gonsolin), 9:10 CT

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Re: 8/5 GDT Cardinals (Wacha) at Dodgers (Gonsolin), 9:10 CT

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dmarx114 wrote:
ThatGuy wrote:
dmarx114 wrote:I think it's a lot simpler than that.
You're wont to take that view with the current front office, and that's fine. If you buy this rationale though (and I'm not saying it's a bad rationale per se), you have to accept that Mo knew he was sentencing his team to a much, much, much harder road to the playoffs and willingly chose to go this route. Our rotation is extremely shaky at best, so to double down on someone like Michael Wacha who has been objectively awful is ... a choice.

We'll see. Mo is reaping what he's sowed, though.
I applaud Mo for not trading Carlson or Gorman. He should be fired if he did.
So you applaud Mo for the current state of the organization? I understand you are happy that the team was in first place at the end of July, but just look how they play against playoff caliber teams. They get their butts kicked.

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