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Re: Cardinals Assets

Posted: August 12 19, 7:57 am
by Popeye_Card

Re: Cardinals Assets

Posted: August 12 19, 8:11 am
by TheoSqua
Big Amoco Sign wrote:
InvincibleCakeEater wrote:
Big Amoco Sign wrote:I’m talking about the Tweet. You know it’s off base to just compare 2019 value only.
What's his wRC+ when he's playing out of position though?
Knew you’d say that and once again context is ignored.

C trolling effort.

Both of you are being pretty ridiculous here.

Context matters, and you're currently arguing apples and oranges so that you can feel right on the internet.

Let's get the thread back to discussing baseball and not a pissing contest or we will be forced to lock this thread.

Re: Cardinals Assets

Posted: August 12 19, 12:28 pm
by Jocephus
Yo-Yo: Who is the Cardinals’ first $200 million man? Rendon makes a lot of sense, if they are willing to play Carpenter at second base for two years.

Dan Szymborski: Honestly, after this brutal season, I’m not sure they want to necessarily commit to starting Carpenter anywhere.
Dan Szymborski: He might be in the spot where his best contribution is as a versatile 10th starter