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Offseason disappointment

Posted: February 14 20, 1:05 am
by AWvsCBsteeeerike3
I guess the offseason is over. And we’re on to spring training.

But does anyone really care? No one is excited about this team. They made it to the nlcs last year which should drive some excitement. But for me personally it does not. The past is th past. And there’s no banner. And the odds of there being a banner this year are...not good. They managed to get worse over the offseason after an nlcs appearance. A place reserved for the marlins and well the marlins.

Our hopes lie in the lap of lane Thomas - the 40th man on the 40 man roster a year ago - to at a minimum be above league average and Carlson coming up and clipping along at a Griffey jr level. Neither of which will happen and this team will tread water until September before finally sinking.

The approach they took this offseason is unfathomable.

ETA: after thinking about it for a few minutes. Seems pretty clear they are punting this season after earning a little good will for making the nlcs. In that light it makes sense i guess.

Re: Offseason disappointment

Posted: February 14 20, 8:06 am
by dmarx114
I care and I am excited.

So much so that I am going to Jupiter tomorrow for 8 days.

Can't wait for Cardinals baseball!!!!!!

Re: Offseason disappointment

Posted: February 14 20, 8:14 am
by AWvsCBsteeeerike3
Sounds like a good time, hope you enjoy jupiter.

I'll stand by my statement though that this is an uninspiring team. That said, having baseball is better than not having baseball, so there's that.

Re: Offseason disappointment

Posted: February 14 20, 8:41 am
by Fat_Bulldog
I'm disappointed in the offseason as well.

I'm looking forward to watching Flaherty pitch this year. I am also excited about Kim and would love to see him work his way into the rotation as an effective lefty starter.

I am skeptical on CMart for good reason. I think his shoulder won't hold up as a starter.

I'd like to see what Carlson can do.

And, another year means another year closer to ending the Fowler and decline Carpenter era...

Re: Offseason disappointment

Posted: February 14 20, 8:54 am
by Jocephus
i got the reminder email from yesterday that i'll be billed in the next few weeks. i'm keeping it and since i split it with a brother it's certainly a fair price but i do wonder how many games i'll end up watching. i spoke with my brother yesterday and even asked him "do you want to continue with this product?". i mean, i am excited to a degree, it's baseball and i love baseball but maybe the hype isn't there as much. i'm sure the first week or so will be exciting, then we'll get the ebbs and flow of the season and we'll see how it goes.

Re: Offseason disappointment

Posted: February 14 20, 8:55 am
by heyzeus
It was a perplexing and frustrating offseason. It was already trending that direction when we let Ozuna walk for pennies more than we'd offered him in the QO. I'll agree we're a little older and less good than we were in 2019, as it stands.

The strategy appears to be "bounceback years from Carpenter and Goldschmidt will provide the missing offense." That particular hope seems like a bad strategy.

That said, things I'm excited about:
-watching Flaherty contend for a CYA
-Crafty Lefty Alert on Kim
-hopefully a promising debut for Carlson
-still a slick MI
-I think DeJong could have a big season in him
-My expectations for Alex Reyes are about 0, which means any sign of promise will be exciting.

Re: Offseason disappointment

Posted: February 14 20, 9:19 am
by MinorLeagueGuy
Disappointed? Heck yes. Every time I hear about the Dodgers improving(and getting 'their guy', even after the trade initially fell apart. That trade falls apart if we were hunting Betts, and we'd be without Betts right now..) I get steamed. Add that to the very real scenario that the Reds just jumped to the top of the division, because, well, they cared what their 2020 product looked like(starting last August; they gave the NLC notice by adding a pretty big piece to their rotation, and followed it up with a solid winter)...

But I'm always pumped up through the damn roof to get things started. I'm excited. I love the daily reports, the videos, and to some extent the "competition" to earn a role with the big club. (We know there's no way outside of injury Adam doesn't start as #5, and our bad contracts will get a longer leash than deserved.)

Re: Offseason disappointment

Posted: February 14 20, 9:46 am
by CardsofSTL
I wasn't really expecting any big moves this offseason so I can't say that I am disappointed. If they had made a big move (depending on what that was) I would have been pleasantly surprised. As it stands now; I am just hoping for some fun competitive games.

Re: Offseason disappointment

Posted: February 14 20, 9:49 am
by wart57
I am excited because I am not a Marlins, Mariners, Pirates, Orioles, Rockies, Royals, or (insert name of team that is rarely a contender) fan.

Also, I don't like to dwell on the negatives - yea, the team could have and should have done more in the off season, but they didn't and I can't change that. They are still my team, and I am very excited that baseball is back.

Re: Offseason disappointment

Posted: February 14 20, 10:46 am
by Leroy
I love these forums and everything, but it does get kinda depressing sometimes.

It was nice before I had to know that the owners make too much money, players that I think are pretty good have some stat I don't understand which means they suck, free agents weren't spotted at airports or Six Flags or whatever, and seasons weren't over and it wasn't stale in the clubhouse.

Sometimes I just gotta mentally walk away and enjoy the bliss.