Coronavirus and the 2020 Season (Season Postponed, pg3)

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What will MLB have to do in response to Coronavirus?

Season starts as currently scheduled
No votes
Season starts as scheduled, but with no fans allowed in the stadium
Season begins with a definite delayed start, for example April 15
Season is "suspended indefinitely" a la the NBA
Season's closed, moose out front shoulda told ya
Total votes: 44

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Coronavirus and the 2020 Season (Season Postponed, pg3)

Post by heyzeus »

I'm afraid to even say it out loud, but...

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Re: Coronavirus and the 2020 Season

Post by Felix The Cat »

With how widespread it appears, I can't imagine everybody in an MLB organization has avoided it. If a trainer, a coach, or a player has it, it'll probably spread further amongst the ranks. There no way to effectively quarantine players and play the game simultaneously, I'm afraid. Even if you try, you're potentially screwing up the competitive balance along the way and putting out an inferior product.

Probably better to limit the spread, take the financial hit upfront, rather than do a half-assed job that leads to a longer recovery when you end up getting a significant number of players/staff sick.

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Re: Coronavirus and the 2020 Season

Post by Radbird »

I feel a delayed start is most likely. Season opens two weeks from today and situation will almost certainly be worse by then.

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Re: Coronavirus and the 2020 Season

Post by jack76 »

Huh. If they delay by a week or two, does this help the Cardinals? We may only miss a couple starts by Mikolas. Do other NL Central teams have Spring Training injuries this significant?

Also, I wonder if they cut out off-days sort of like how they cut out school vacation days when there are too many snow days. Could be a fun season of double headers and uninterrupted days of baseball.

Also, also, I wonder if we get sharper early season games because of the extra time or sloppier ball as they cancel late spring training games or practices to control the spread.

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Re: Coronavirus and the 2020 Season

Post by Famous Mortimer »

No sense stopping Marlins games, no-one turns up there anyway.

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Re: Coronavirus and the 2020 Season

Post by IMADreamer »

Delayed start with a contracted season makes the most sense.

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Re: Coronavirus and the 2020 Season

Post by Jocephus »

California on Wednesday recommended a statewide limit on large gatherings through at least the remainder of March, according to a memo from the state's department of public health, bringing into question the home openers of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Oakland Athletics and San Diego Padres as Major League Baseball grapples with how to handle the spread of the coronavirus.

The California Department of Public Health said that "large gatherings that include 250 people or more should be postponed or canceled," including "professional, college and school sporting events." Similar edicts already forced the cancellation of an exhibition game between the San Francisco Giants and A's and the potential move of the Seattle Mariners' opening series, probably to the Phoenix area, sources told ESPN. ... -mlb-games

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Re: Coronavirus and the 2020 Season

Post by a_smith »

I want them to have spring training and play the games in empty stadiums-hey I need to be entertained.
But they should put the health of everyone first and delay the start of the season. Traveling and spreading the disease seems just irresponsible right now

Even if they don't make the call on this today, there is just no way that they are going to be able to play games in 2 weeks. It seems inevitable right now.

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Re: Coronavirus and the 2020 Season

Post by mikechamp »

NBA, MLS, ATP Suspend Seasons; NHL Preparing Update On Season Status

Major League Soccer is also suspending its season until further notice, Grant Wahl of Sports Illustrated reports (via Twitter). The Association of Tennis Professionals has also announced a six-week suspension of the men’s professional tour.

Meanwhile, the NHL has canceled practice for teams and is readying a statement on the status of the current season. ... tions.html
No word on whether the e-sports leagues are going to be affected.

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Re: Coronavirus and the 2020 Season

Post by Magneto2.0 »

Jeff Passan says they’re likely to announce the suspension of Spring Training today

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