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Re: RIP Lou Brock

Posted: December 28 20, 2:42 pm
by CardsofSTL

Re: RIP Lou Brock

Posted: December 29 20, 10:36 pm
by tlombard
mikechamp wrote:
September 8 20, 3:39 pm
He was an incredibly classy guy. My family got to meet him on a flight from STL to Midway, as we were all heading to Cooperstown for the HoF induction ceremony. He was smiling, and everyone who met him was, too.

Fun fact: He and his wife were good friends with Juan Marichal, who was also on the same flight.
A friend of mine was working as an electrician for some major renovations to Lou and his wife's church years ago and he got to meet Lou. The next thing he knew, Lou invited him over and he was enjoying a home cooked meal made by Lou's wife as if he were a long lost friend! That is one experience that I will be forever jealous of no matter what else may happen to me during the rest of my life.

Re: RIP Lou Brock

Posted: December 30 20, 7:57 pm
by SunnyJim
I am a fan!

I had the good fortune of working for a company that supported his scholarship fund.

He was always very gracious and kind when I spoke with him.

Also, I had his Converse shoes and an autographed pamphlet!