What will next season look like

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What will next season look like?

Full 162 game season, full fans in stands
Full 162 game season, 50% or more fans in stands
Full 162 game season, 50% or less fans in stands
140 game season, full fans in stands
140 game season, 50% or more fans in stands
140 game season, 50% or less fans in stands.
100 game season, no fans
No season, end times are here
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What will next season look like

Post by heyzeus »

What do you think next season will look like? This is the only voting you need to do right now.*

*please, please vote.


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Re: What will next season look like

Post by AWvsCBsteeeerike3 »

I didn't pay much attention, but wasn't the general consensus this past year that the owners wanted to minimize payrolls? And, as such, they shortened the season as much as possible?

I guess the question is, if they can't have full attendance or even any attendance early on in the season, what approach will the owners take? They have a plan in place to play games from this year, even if it was a [expletive] plan, so there's not really that argument to be made anymore.

If the players take the position that they want to play 162 games, and fan attendance isn't allowed universally across America/Canada, will the owners allow that and not ask for concessions from the players? Will the players acquiesce if owners ask them to reduced salaries? And, to further complicate it, isn't there a new CBA they're negotiating this offseason?

I think one thing is certain, the entire covid situation will not be fully resolved in the spring. Sure, vaccines may be available but how available/effective will they be? And, certainly more people will have been exposed, but what protection will that offer individually and to the community?

In the end, I have no idea how to answer any of those questions, so it's a complete crapshoot to take a guess. But, looking at each question individually, my train of thought goes something like this. Fan attendance will follow state by state by country laws (similar to what we're seeing with College Football) with more being allowed later in the season as restrictions are slowly lifted. Owners will leverage lost attendance and ask for reduced salaries which will delay the start. Eventually, we'll get a shortened season and fans will be back gradually. The Rangers and Astros for example probably host fans before the Blue Jays or Yankees. But, by the end of the year, we'll probalby be back to full attendance almost league wide. So, given the options, my guess would be 140 game schedule less than 50% attendance.

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Re: What will next season look like

Post by mikechamp »


The CBA runs through the 2021 season. They should be working on a new one this offseason, but they don't need to.

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Re: What will next season look like

Post by Big Amoco Sign »

I don't like this 140 game nonsense. Get back to normal game wise. I'm okay with no fans. Need a better bubble approach too. Maybe only a handful of neutral sites (each division has one NL and one AL stadium maybe?) picked if no fans. Expand rosters to give players mini vacations to visit close family outside of bubble a couple weeks. Depends really what CDC says and other factors on that though.

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Re: What will next season look like

Post by ndistops »

It's my hope that there will be rapid-result testing available for players by the time next season is set to begin and that this could make a regular 162-game season possible. However, if fans aren't permitted - and I can't believe anything close to full capacity will be - I could see the owners trying to force another stupid season like this one down our throats.

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Re: What will next season look like

Post by booger71 »

Whether fans will be in the stands and at what capacity will be up to mayors and governors like NFL games are now. Ownership of course will push for it , but it will depend how much political clout they have. I am hoping for a full 162 game season with full attendance

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Re: What will next season look like

Post by Mary1966 »

Everyone wants a 162 game season with full attendance, but you have to take into account that even if Biden wins, he will have less than one month before spring training to do anything. I would bet that the season will be delayed and there will be like a handful of fans in the stands.

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Re: What will next season look like

Post by Radbird »

I really need a 2021 ballpark road trip. I agree with Mary, Opening Day will be delayed so hoping for 140 with more fans than not.

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Re: What will next season look like

Post by Jocephus »

According to Bob Nightengale of USA Today, MLB owners and executives would like the season delayed until May, "even if it means shortening the season to 140 or fewer games."

Here we go again. The stated reasoning is the desire for players and team personnel to be vaccinated for COVID-19, which is a reasonable goal. The thought is that the general population could have access to the vaccine at some point in the spring. However, it's also convenient that by delaying and shortening the season, owners would also be paying the players less money. It's hard to see the players taking much interest in another pay-cut after making just one-third of their salaries this past season. One compromise could be pushing the end of the regular season back along with an increase in scheduled seven-inning doubleheaders, thus ensuring the players their full salaries, but that would also mean pushing the playoffs back to November. There should be more clarity in the weeks ahead, but right now it appears unlikely that spring training will start on time.
Source: USA Today
Dec 15, 2020, 11:32 AM ET

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Re: What will next season look like

Post by Fat Strat »

Seems to me that it is unlikely that the season will be 162 games. The early vaccine release might help, but there is still some question about the timeline of its general availability. MLB will want to wait until they can open their ballparks back up to 100% of fans and have all their players vaccinated.

What I don't think they'll do is something like 50% capacity. Skipping a few seats here and there isn't going to cut it. Capacity for social distancing now is below 30% universally. 30% will mean too much lost ticket revenue. That's why they want to be able to point to a generally available vaccine.

My guess is 130 games, full fans. That's starting the season on the first of May, with ST starting around April 1. They'll make up the lost revenue with expanded playoffs. They'll also do full pro-rated salaries for players and give them the DH in the end (in return for the playoffs).

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