Hicks tipping pitches?

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Re: Hicks tipping pitches?

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I've always wondered how much cross talk there is about tipping pitches.

Let's just take for granted that Plouffe is telling the 100% truth and is 100% right. He spots something on Hicks that is easy to pick up. Who does he tell? Sounds like he told some people on the Phillies. Are those people on the Phillies allowed to tell friends on the Cubs? Can the people on the Cubs tell people on the Pirates? What if one of the people on the Phillies that was told is picked up by the Cardinals? Is that person supposed to immediately tell Hicks? I've always wondered about stuff like this.

Cool video regardless.

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Re: Hicks tipping pitches?

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Joe Shlabotnik wrote:
March 31 21, 2:08 pm
MinorLeagueGuy wrote:
March 31 21, 2:02 pm
CardsofSTL wrote:
March 31 21, 1:42 pm
I am glad it looks like Hicks made the adjustment. Funny how this guy picked up on it in a Spring Training game but no one else seemed to catch on.
And it makes me wonder about comments that Horton has made about Reyes also making an adjustment regarding hand placement. He mentioned Alex's had to do arm-drop after he breaks his hands, and how its enabled him to release the ball differently. Both of our guys made the same adjustment, in the same spring setting, but for different reasons? Somethings fishy. But all that matters are results. SO TALLY-HO!
How come the CARDINALS never noticed what Plouffe noticed during one spring at bat? Lordy.
Trevor even tosses Yadi under that bus.

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Re: Hicks tipping pitches?

Post by CardsofSTL »

I think if hitters are not hitting his stuff; they don't look as closely to see if he is tipping anything. It's when a pitcher gets rocked that they realize something is wrong.

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