What is happiness for you?

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Donnie Ebert
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Re: What is happiness for you?

Post by Donnie Ebert »

Happiness, more or less, it's just a change in me, something in my liberty. Oh my my.

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Re: What is happiness for you?

Post by CardsofSTL »

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.....

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Re: What is happiness for you?

Post by heyzeus »

Happiness for me is manually deleting 30 identical threads from a bot that wants to write my college papers for me.

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Re: What is happiness for you?

Post by GeddyWrox »

You'll be sorry the next time you have a college paper due!

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Re: What is happiness for you?

Post by MansSearch »

My wife (lucky this time()
My kids and grandkids
Cards - baseball has been in my blood and I just can't do without it
Great movies
Great music (starts with the Beatles, but so much)
Great books
Playing ice hockey; watching the Blues
Travel: mountains first, then so many other new places
slow pitch softball (hanging on)
meals with friends and family
work days when things all connect

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