Questions for Colby Rasmus

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Keep up the success you are having! Great job.

Do you have a plan, in your mind, for when you expect to make it to the majors?

How many people do you have giving you instruction on a weekly or daily basis?

What kinds of questions did the Cardinals ask you before drafting you? What were conversations like? (business-like, "getting to know each other", detailed?)

You have brothers who will be drafted, probably. Have the Cardinals ever scouted or talked to any of your brothers about drafting them?

What was the toughest thing a coach or instructor has said to you about your batting, defense, training or approach?

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You've significantly cut down on your strike outs this year. Was that a goal coming into this season?

What has been the biggest difference between rookie league and A ball?


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What have you been told by Keith Mithchell or Bruce Manno in order to move your way through the system? Have they explanied what they want to see from you in order for you to make the jump to Palm Beach?

Good Luck man...
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Hey Colby. Thanks for taking our questions.

Who are the guys you hang out with the most on the team? What do you do in your off-time?

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Jessica Simpson or Jessica Alba?

What's the best clubhouse prank/practical joke you've witnessed in the minors?

How many well-trained super 5 year-olds do you think you could take at once?

Dinner with three people from history? Who are they and why?

What songs do you listen to to get pumped up for a game? Is there a certain song that plays when you step up to bat?

What's the best movie you've seen in the past year?

Hey folks, he's nineteen and would problably enjoy a few OT questions :wink:

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If you had to compare your game to sombody playing in the Major Leagues right now who would it be?

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Hi Colby,

Sincere thanks for taking our questions!

Was going straight from high school to professional baseball, as opposed to going to college first, a hard decision?

Do you or your friends think about, or worry about, possibly getting traded?

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I don't have any baseball questions that have not been asked previously, but I have a question about your name.

It caught my eye because my wifes' family name is Rasmussen. She is from Salt Lake City, and had a couple brothers who were great athletes in the basketball area. One was a coach at Utah State in Logan, Utah. When the family came from Denmark, she told me their name was Rasmus Vester there.

Any connections that you know of? Great good wishes for your success in baseball, you seem to be an outstanding prospect. I know you will do well, we'll all be pulling for you.

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Hope you are well. A lot of great questions already.

1) What's your favorite kind of cheese? (sorry, couldn't resist)
2) And if no one has already asked, what athletes were your favorites when you were growing up?

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Hey Colby. Welcome to baseball's best organization. We hope this is the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial relationship. 8)

Have much interaction have you had with the guys on the major league roster and coaching staff? What is the best advice you've received from a current Cardinal?

What do you think of the year Albert is having?