Interview with Pete Kozma, Cards 2007 1st Rnd Pick

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Post by thrill »

In addition to being a first round draft pick, Jeff Luhnow has compared you to guys like Nomar Garciaparra and Michael Young. Do you feel any extra pressure from such comparisons?

Also, what is your favorite musical group/artist?

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Post by MrCrowesGarden »

Thanks for the interview Pete.

Though it certainly seems like you've got the skills to stay at shortstop, would you ever consider or be open to the idea of moving to second base?

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Post by M1IRONMIKE »

1) How many years do you see yourself in the minors?
2) How many sports did you play in high school?
3) What summer teams did you play on as a high schooler and typically how many baseball games a summer would you play?

4) To be a St. Louis Cardinal I am forced to ask you this question. Just how bad do you hate the Cubs?

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Post by Phyrkrakr »

Combo of these two:
GatewaySnayke wrote:1. How surprised were you to be taken with the 18th pick?
docellis wrote:Hey, seeing that you are possibly a regional fan, did that affect your reaction to being drafted by the Cards?
What was your reaction to being drafted at 18 by the Cards?

btw...per a 1380 interview I heard, he was in the kitchen when he heard it and was surprised and excited...but he also sounded hungover on the 1380 interview, or at least fresh out of bed.

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Post by mikechamp »

Which particular aspect of your game do you feel needs the most improvement?

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Post by MrCrowesGarden »

Hey Pete,

As a Creighton fan, I'm glad to see you're going to my other favorite team and not the Shox. :lol:

Have you had the chance to watch any of your other fellow Cardinal draftees during the Regionals and Super Regionals?

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Post by TGantz »

Who was your favorite player growing up and why?

What is a skill that you feel is strongest, and what skill could you improve on?

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Post by Leroy »

What are your thoughts on the Mulder trade?

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Post by maddash »

Pete, can you tell us about your relationship with Steve Gossett? In what ways did he help you?

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Post by Richie Allen »

Leroy wrote:What are your thoughts on the Mulder trade?
I actually am laughing out loud at that one.

Isn't the name Kozma Hungarian? (Insert Hungo Award joke)
Can you pitch?
What number do you wear?