Answers with Colby Rasmus

The place where GRB members interview baseball authorities.
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Jocephus wrote:thanks to all who made it possible and people who wrote in questions. very cool.
Ditto. Thank you for the interview, Colby. And thanks for taking the time to secure it and conduct it, Michael.
Jocephus wrote:i liked this.
Colby: Well, I’ll pretty much try to hit for power until I get to two strikes. If I’ve got no strikes or one strike I’m looking to drive the ball, but when I get two strikes I shorten up and just try to put it in play.
I asked that question, simply because I struggle with hitting for power; specifically the mental aspect of it. (I still play amateur ball.)

I hope it doesn't annoy anyone, but I intend to ask every player Michael gets to interview. I wasn't surprised by his answer, as that is mostly the apporach I take as well. But the more feedback I can get, the more it will help me as a player. (So far, I have Joe Morgan and Colby's opinion on it. I could have got Rolen's opinion on it, but blanked when I met him, and I didn't even think to ask Chris Duncan.)

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Seems like a good guy. I went to see him play when the Swing played Cedar Rapids, and he looked very good.

I gotta get out and see Adenhart while I have the chance.

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Great work Mike and GKeenan!

Seems like Colby is indeed easy to cheer for, being down to earth and not full of himself. Hope to see him with the big club in a few years.

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Thanks for all of your work in doing this Michael. What an enjoyable interview. =D>