Questions for Brett Wallace

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Re: Questions for Brett Wallace

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The consensus was that you were one of the top few college players in the nation, but you fell to the Cardinals (And some projections had you falling a few picks further), presumably because of questions about your throwing style and whether your lower half would play at third base. Do you think your stock would have improved if the MLB draft was held after the college and pro seasons, as it is for many pro sports, allowing you time to prepare specifically for the draft and try to answer any specific questions teams had about you, or do you think you were better off with the June draft which doesn't allow the long second-guessing season that NFL prospects deal with and which let your college body of work speak for you?

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Re: Questions for Brett Wallace

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Thanks for taking our questions ... I have three.

1. Can you talk a bit about your experience in the Cape Cod League - both on and off the field?

2. We've been hearing recently on broadcasts in regards to Colby Rasmus how prospects need to develop a line drive philosophy first, and then work on the power. Given that you posses both the ability to hit for average and power, I'm wondering if there has been an effort in the organization to have you concentrate first and foremost on hitting for average and allowing the power to fully develop later.
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Re: Questions for Brett Wallace

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Thanks Brett for fielding questions!

It's clear that you're on the fast track toward the majors and we believe that you'll make it sooner rather than later. What do you think will be your biggest challenge in adapting to baseball at the MLB level? The speed of the game? The pitching? Fielding your position? Do you feel like you're ready for the big leagues now? Why or why not?

Secondly, there was some debate coming out of the draft about whether or not you would stick at 3rd base. What have you worked on to improve your defense at the hot corner since leaving Arizona State? Where on the field do you feel the most comfortable? Where do you think your size and skill set play the best?

Thirdly, is there anyone in the majors now that you consider compares favorably to your own style or philosophy of hitting? What about fielding? Anyone that you're hoping to model your career after? Who were your favorite ball players when growing up and why?

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Re: Questions for Brett Wallace

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Poor guy. I think that's about 100 questions already.

What are your impressions of the the St. Louis organization/fans/city? Has it changed from what they were before you were drafted?

Thanks for your time, Brett.

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Re: Questions for Brett Wallace

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Thanks for taking the time Brett.

Will you be following any of the MLB Draft now that it's past your draft year?

And what advice would you give to whomever the Cardinals pick first in 2009?

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Re: Questions for Brett Wallace

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Do you have a defensive position you prefer? Playing under LaRussa with your defensive background it is entirely possible you will not only play 3rd, but outfield and maybe 1st when Albert takes a (rare) day off. Do you feel more comfortable at a certain position?

I know you must be aware of the Glaus/Freese situation: Are you familiar with Tony and are you ready to deal with what he is going to throw at you should you get the call in the next few weeks?

Edit to add: How aware are you of Rule V draft rules and how does that affect you?

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Re: Questions for Brett Wallace

Post by KyCardinalFan »

No question Brett (yet), but I appreciate you taking our questions and will enjoy reading your replies to the many submitted.

Mainly I just wanted to congratulate you on your impressive rise through the ranks, hope to see you in Busch soon and wish you good luck and good health in a hopefully long Cardinal career.

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Re: Questions for Brett Wallace

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Thank you Brett for taking our questions at GRB. Most of us here have too much time on our hands and will crawl all over eachother to talk baseball.

You have progressed through 4 levels in roughly a year's time with very few apparent "hiccups" or adjustments. Has it been as easy for you as your stats might indicate? What has been the biggest adjustment for you as you have progressed so rapidly?

Thank you,

Mr. Jack.

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Re: Questions for Brett Wallace

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Hi Mr. Wallace,

Can you tell us about your experiences as a prospect in the St. Louis organization? Aside from playing in ballgames, what kind of philosophy does the organization attempt to spread? What kind of instruction and training are you given? How often are there meetings and coaching sessions, and what is the focus of them? Does the organization talk regularly about approaches to hitting, specific tools, managing game situations? Is there any kind of debriefing after games to review what happened? Or is the minor league experience more just playing in pro games and letting that speak for itself?

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Re: Questions for Brett Wallace

Post by Michael »

Brett, thank you for taking our questions!

What lesson or piece of advice were you given as a young ballplayer that has helped you the most?

Who is the toughest pitcher you've had to face?