Questions for Brett Wallace

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Re: Questions for Brett Wallace

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jim wrote:Thanks for taking our questions ... I have three.

1. Can you talk a bit about your experience in the Cape Cod League - both on and off the field?

2. We've been hearing recently on broadcasts in regards to Colby Rasmus how prospects need to develop a line drive philosophy first, and then work on the power. Given that you posses both the ability to hit for average and power, I'm wondering if there has been an effort in the organization to have you concentrate first and foremost on hitting for average and allowing the power to fully develop later.
Does jim think you're not good at math or is jim himself bad at counting?

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Re: Questions for Brett Wallace

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I'd Like to know some more about yourself:

1. Who has been your toughest pitcher you've faced to date?
2. Who were your favorite players growing up?
3. Have you've ever suffered any "Freak" injuries in your lifetime?
4. Do you have a favorie bat?
5. List three dinner guests you would like to have a meal with? (can be past or present people)
6. Who was your boyhood idol?
7. What was your favorite childhood memory?
8. Do you have any favorite Hobbies?
9. What is your favorite Movie?
10. Who are your favorate Actor/Actress?
11. Who is your favorite Singer?
12. What is your Favorite meal?

many thanks in advance