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Bryan...How was Spring Training With the Major Leaque St. Louis Cardinals?


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Hi Bryan!

What has been your biggest challenge in adjusting to professional baseball?

Would you switch positions if it was requested?

Catcher's ERA has been discredited lately by the stats people. What's your take on calling games as it affects pitchers' ERA?

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Who are some guys you've caught in the Cardinals system with nasty stuff?

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What was it like being invited to the big league camp this spring training? Did you get to talk hitting with Pujols? If so, did he have any tips for you?

What will you take away from that experience so early in your professional career?

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Bryan, thanks for taking the time to field some questions, interaction with Cardinals players are always welcomed. You're one of my favorite prospects to track in the system and I'm sure you'll have a very prosperous career.

My question for you is more about the organization. How are the wants and needs of the organizations communicated to you, I am sure if you follow along with the club you have a pretty good understanding of what we have and what we lack, but how is that filtered down through the organization itself. Do your coaches (hitting coach, manager, etc) specifically focus on organizational needs and emphasize those in your development, or is it more of training your natural abilities and seeing how that fits in with the overall plan? How much interaction do you have with the organization on a whole? Do they feed you well? :P

Another question is this: Who would you rather hit against: Chris Carpenter, Roy Oswalt, Carlos Zambrano, or Johan Santana?

Looking forward to see your responses. Again thanks for your time and the best of luck, can't wait to see you hitting in Busch!

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After catching a number of the pitchers at Quad Cites who would you say has the best pure stuff out of the bunch and why?

Also, Has anyone talked to you about being promoted up to Palm Beach? You seem to be dominating the MWL. Did they give you a time frame or do they want you to work on defense before you move up? Do you think your ready for the FSL?

Thanks and good luck...

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Hi Bryan, thanks for taking our questions.

Do you think it is better to be a great defensive catcher but a bad hitter, or a bad defensive catcher but a great hitter?

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Hey Bryan, thanks for your time and good luck in your career.

If you could, tell us about life in minor league baseball - living arrangements, great fields to play, bad fields to play, friendships/rivalries, meals, travel, daily schedule, etc.

And (besides the Cardinals :wink: ) who is your favorite baseball team and when do you see yourself in the majors?

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Hi Bryan. Keep up the good work. We all look forward to seeing you in St. Louis.

What is it like around the MLB July 31 trading deadline for prospects, especially when you're with an organization that is a buyer? Is there added pressure to how you perform?

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Hey Bryan, thanks for your time.

Whom do you idolize while growing up?