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Posted: July 20 06, 6:11 am
by bronx_bird
Thank you very much for your time, sir.

when you were playing professional baseball....

What's the funniest thing you ever saw on a ballfield?

What's the greatest play you ever saw on a ballfield?

Was there any one veteran whom you looked up to the most? and if so, why?

Posted: July 23 06, 7:47 am
by StatmanCrothers
Thanks for taking our questions!

Names such as Josh Gibson, who never played in the majors, and Satchel Paige, who was past his prime by the time he got his shot, have become reasonably well known to today's baseball fan.

Who do you believe might be some of the best players of the Negro leagues who deserve more recognition?

By the time you played for Memphis in 52-53, integration in the majors and minors was well underway, although some teams were still lagging behind (Sad to say, St Louis didn't have their first black player until 1954).

During those years when the majors began signing players from the Negro Leagues but the Negro Leagues still were operating, what was the general feeling of the players who remained, through choice or lack of opportunity, towards those who accepted offers to go to the minors and majors?

Posted: July 27 06, 10:33 am
by Tambourine Man
I spoke with "Prince" Joe this morning and he wanted me to tell everyone at GRB "Hi!" The recent storms that ravaged the St. Louis area had left Mr. Henry without power up until yesterday. He's doing well and is looking forward to the interview!