Answers for the Joe Kelly Q&A

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Answers for the Joe Kelly Q&A

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Part One-Baseball questions

1.What is your opinion of all the change in leadership at the Major League level?

I think that all the changes are going to tough for a lot of people. Coming from me I dont think it will be much difference because I havent played for Tony or Dunc in the big leagues. I have only experienced it through big league camp last year but I think that the people that were hired are the right people for the job.

2.Joe, I'd like to know your opinion on how college baseball prepares you for
professional baseball. Specifically as a pitcher, how much do metal bats inhibit
your ability to effectively pitch inside and how much does that affect how you
attack hitters? More generally, any thoughts on the advantages/disadvantages of
going to college as far as development and advancement through the minors goes?

College baseball prepares a lot of people for professional baseball. Being a pitcher it is really different facing metal bats than wood. I think it played a major role in pitching "away" most college pitchers actually try to pitch away from contact because the bats were so juiced compared to wood bats.

I think it is great to experience the college life and attain an education.

3.Joe, if you could compare your make up and repertoire to one current major
leaguer, who would it be?

I would probably compare to a Halladay because of my ability to induce ground balls compared to fly balls.

4.What are your goals for the coming season? Where do you expect to start the

I just want to have a successful and healthy season. I will probably start in double a and I just want to compete at every level and get better every single time I pitch.

5. What was the biggest challenge you faced after getting promoted to AA
Springfield? Did you find the hitters in the Texas League to be considerably
tougher than the A-ballers?

my biggest challenge was myself, when I arrived in springfield I lost my ability to throw strikes and when your not throwing strikes its tough to pitch in high school. the hitters might have been a little better but it comes down to throwing strikes.

6. Joe, I know you started off as a reliever and have known to be able to touch
100mph with your fastball...but the cards have decided to put you as a that where they want you to stay or is that part of getting you
extra work/conditioning to help you out as a reliever?

the cardinals believe I could be a starter because of my ability to throw multiple pitches for strikes. Ultimately I want to be a big league pitcher, I dont care if it is starting of as a reliever as long as I can contribute to the big league club and help them win.

7. Joe, has had many heated debates over whether or not team
chemistry is a real factor into winning. The Front Office has talked a lot
about the importance of improving the clubhouse chemistry the last couple of
years...during the playoffs many of the players referenced team chemistry as a
reason for the remarkable your personal opinion does team chemistry in
the clubhouse have any positive effect/and or negative effect on a team...can it
be measured or is it intangible?

I think that team chemistry is a huge part in winning. I think that if you don't get a long with your teammates you wont play well together. If a person in the infield fights with his pitchers then there might be a time where he doesnt try his best behind the pitcher just because of off field issues.

Part Two-Fun/Personal Questions

1.Joe I notice on twitter you play MW3 a lot with other cardinal prospects...who
is the best and who is the worse?

I am definitely the best! and I am serious. You could probably ask them and they would say the same. I actually have played professionally with a couple guys I know, it was just a for a few matches.

2.Who is the better golfer you or Shelby Miller?

Right now shelby is. He has been playing much longer then I have. I have a little over a year under my belt and I can compete when I am on. I have beat him a few times but he usually wins.

3.You are one of those unusual people who has two first names, like John Wayne
or Lance Lynn. I may be in the minority, but I think Lance Lynn is destined for
great things as a Cardinal

I think it is cool having two first names. When I meet people for the first time they usually never call me by my first name, for some reason they call me by first and last name together like its one name. I also think Lance Lynn is going to do big things the guy is a competitor and has great stuff and pitch ability.

People were two first names are purported to have special powers or exceptional
leadership faculties.

How has having two first names enabled you to succeed in baseball?

I dont think we have any special powers and I think leadership is based on the persons personality. But a strong name with two first names goes along way, it almost gives someone a Idea of what kind of person you are before you meet them.

4.Who was your favorite player growing up and why?

Does it have to be baseball? ha I am just kidding. I loved Ken Griffey Jr. I wanted to grow up to be just like him!

5.What's been your favorite stop so far in the minors?

I love springfield the cardinal nation is strong there. we might have the best fans in all of minor league baseball.

Jon Jay, Allen Craig, and Daniel Descalso (among others) all came up together,
hung out together while playing in the minors, and challenged each other. They
had an immediate impact on the MLB club when they arrived. Do you have a group
of guys that you're coming up with that you hang out with, that challenge you,
and that you think could have a similar impact on the major league club in a few

I dont necessarily think there is a group of guys like them. But me and shelby definitely challenge each other and make each other better. I think that someday in the future we will have a major impact on the big league club.

7. What went through your mind when you first realized you were joining the
Cardinal organization?

I was ecstatic because I knew how much tradition and how great of an organization they were.
A Huge thank you to Joe Kelly...let's all root him on and hope he continues to progress!

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Re: Answers for the Joe Kelly Q&A

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I would probably compare to a Halladay because of my ability to induce ground balls compared to fly balls.
:shock: :thumb:

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Re: Answers for the Joe Kelly Q&A

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Great interview! Love that confidence... Joe Kelly is Roy Halladay with two first names! Unstoppable.

Sounds like a cool kid. Going to watch his season closely now. Thanks Joe!

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Re: Answers for the Joe Kelly Q&A

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Really enjoyed that - thanks for pulling it together, Slider!

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Re: Answers for the Joe Kelly Q&A

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That was a good read. Nice job Slider. Thanks for doing this!

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Re: Answers for the Joe Kelly Q&A

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That was awesome! Thanks man!

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Re: Answers for the Joe Kelly Q&A

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Late to the party. Great read! Thanks!

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Re: Answers for the Joe Kelly Q&A

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Swingingbunt wrote:Late to the party. Great read! Thanks!
Even later to the party. I second Swingingbunt. Thank you.

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Re: Answers for the Joe Kelly Q&A

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Thank you.

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