BA Ranking of teams

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BA Ranking of teams

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Here is BA's list of top farm systems, along with the comments about the Cardinals. I put in parens the ranking last year to give you an idea if a team is trending up or down.

1. Cubs(4)
2. Twins(3)
3. Dodgers(14)
4. Mets(10)
5. Red Sox(2)
6. DBacks(13)
7. Pirates(1)
8. Rockies(11)
9. Blue Jays(15)
10. Astros(5)
11. Rangers(9)
12. Nationals(21)
13. Royals(8)
14. Padres(6)
15. Cardinals(7)
16. Reds(16)
17. Rays(20)
18. Yankees(18)
19. A's (23)
20. White Sox(24)
21. Brewers(29)
22. Phillies(22)
23. Indians(17)
24. Mariners(25)
25. Marlins(27)
26. Giants(19)
27. Angels(30)
28. Orioles(12)
29. Braves(26)
30. Tigers(28)

THe Cardinals' tremendous success through homegrown talent has been obvious
at the big league level. The quality of the farm system has backed up
since it was ranked No. 1 two years ago due to graduations, but it's still a
solid crop slanted toward pitching.

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