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Jocephus wrote:
May 21 20, 10:20 am
the mcmahons are awful people.

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I'm clearly setting myself up for more heart break with hoping the XFL comes back.

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tlombard wrote:
May 21 20, 10:16 am
Rumors are swirling that Vince is working on buying the XFL back out of bankruptcy through another corporation and that bankruptcy was just a really [expletive] way to avoid paying the operating costs during the shutdown.

This has me both excited and mad at the same time. I was all on board with the XFL and Battlehawks because of my love of football combined with my hatred of the NFL. I always knew that Vince McMahon is not a very likable guy but he couldn't be as bad as the NFL right? Maybe I was wrong. That said, if the Battlehawks come back, I'll still be 100% on board with the team even if I am not as excited about the league in general.
McMahon is like 10x worse than the NFL. He’s likely 10x worse than any person you know.

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