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Re: 2019-2020 NBA

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Do you think Luka is on the phone with the refs right now?

You want to improve the product, find a way to stop players from barking at the refs. I hate it. It’s literally the new defense, as players do it when the other team has the ball instead of defending.

Move it off screen during timeouts. Only let coaches do it. Play missed calls for the refs during halftime. Fix it. Maybe make a deal with players: no fines for criticizing refs to the press, but limit interactions with refs somehow.

Kobe walked over to the refs so Luka could see run to them. But it’s one of those soccer things where every team and player is guilty. My lord and savior Lillard was pretty dang bad. Luka is just Mt. Rushmore level.

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Re: 2019-2020 NBA

Post by Leroy »

I get where the players are coming from. My high school team won 7 games in two years. The refs were against us in every game and only through sheer will and determination were we able to overcome this obstacle 7 times.

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Re: NBA Talk

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