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Re: 2018 Masters

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Tim wrote:
lukethedrifter wrote:What’s unlikeable about the guy?

Never heard of him
Cheater, won't speak to his family, cocky, brash

I love him
I could have done without the Imagine Dragon lyrics being quoted. I know nothing about him being a cheater, not speaking to his family, etc. but the fact that he listens to Imagine Dragons to get pumped up is strike one for me. I guess that is pretty edgy stuff in the stuffy world of golf though. They acted like he was listening to 6ix 9ine or something like that.

Full disclosure, Imagine Dragons does seem to have one song that is insanely catchy on each album but the rest is not very good in my opinion. Then again, as filthy as the lyrics are, I still can't stop listening to 6ix 9ine.

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Re: 2018 Masters

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lukethedrifter wrote:What’s unlikeable about the guy?

Never heard of him
He's a brief summary. Although most of it comes from an unnamed source and I'll never get on someone for family problems. No one knows what goes on there. Anyway, I like that he embraces the villain role.

https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/more-s ... vi-AAvEGi0

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Re: 2018 Masters

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Golf Villain: the least intimidating of all villains.

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