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So about three weeks ago, I was so sports starved, I almost watched a NASCAR race. I didn't.

Now that they have gotten rid of the confederate flags at races, I'm happy. Still not gonna watch.

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I've actually watched some NASCAR just because it is one of the few live sports. I've generally just left it on in the background while doing other things though. The finishes can be exciting but the rest of it is just soooo boring. I went by my dad's to pick up a bicycle yesterday and did see the last four laps of a race (which ended up being something like six or seven laps) and it was actually pretty entertaining. There was one wreck right before the white flag so then they basically added two more which resulted in another wreck almost immediately after that restart and then a really close finish.

If only they could make the rest of the races that exciting instead of an hours long snooze fest, then I could get into NASCAR. Maybe.

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