2019 NBA off-season

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Re: 2019 NBA off-season

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I totally understand the idea that he's trying to communicate, that every issue in the world isn't every person in the world's problem, but you're either [expletive] woke of you're not. You don't have to do anything about every problem but if you have strong cultural beliefs based on a sense of social justice, you should be able to apply those same beliefs universally. If you can't, it's just self-interest. That's harsh, but all he would have to say is that he's not as educated on the issue as he would need to be to feel comfortable commenting publicly and that he values Daryl Morey's right to do so for himself.

It's not surprising and it's not even necessarily his fault. Extreme wealth leads to all kinds of contradictory and hypocritical behavior and I'm sure if I had LeBron's money, I'd be interested in protecting it and growing it the same way he does. It just means that a) he's not as serious or integral a voice around american cultural issues of social justice as he thinks he is and b) he's acting like what he is, an extremely rich guy who isn't willing to sacrifice millions of dollars in order to live his stated values consistently across the global community.

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