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Non-Blues NHL posts

Post by mikechamp »

I didn't see a general NHL thread, so I decided to start one. Why? I thought this might be a good reason.
Andrei Svechnikov has officially scored two extremely ridiculous, lacrosse-style goals in the same NHL season.

Oct. 30 -

Dec. 17 - ... 38007.html

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Re: Non-Blues NHL posts

Post by tlombard »

I have never seen an NHL game in an arena other than what is currently called Enterprise Center. Tonight I get to check out my first road barn and it should be a good one. I'll be at the TD Garden Center (or whatever they call it) to see the Bruins host the Islanders this evening!

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Re: Non-Blues NHL posts

Post by Donnie Ebert »

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Re: Non-Blues NHL posts

Post by InvincibleCakeEater »

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Re: Non-Blues NHL posts

Post by GeddyWrox »

Can't spell Kraken without KAREN

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Re: Non-Blues NHL posts

Post by Jocephus »

bunch of krakheads

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Re: Non-Blues NHL posts

Post by Leroy »

So they are named after a cheap rum?

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