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Re: St. Louis Blues 2020-21 Offseason and Season

Posted: June 2 21, 7:08 pm
by JCShutout
As I said, I don’t think its likely. More of a pipe dream, but theoretically possible if things go right. The Blues COULD give him $7.5-8.5 (Schwartz+Bozak=$10m+), and I don’t see Landry going to Seattle unless they do as well as Vegas did. He’ll want to go to a contender if he can’t stay in Colorado. think the bloated contracts we have which won’t age well are all the reason to go for it. The window is now, and when it shuts it will be a rough 2-4 years. Let’s make those rough years worth it.

I’m probably still flying high from 2019, but while the team was a mess this year, I do think there is a core there that is solid, and they might just be a couple guys away. (A couple of the RIGHT kind of players for this system.) Landry is a great fit for this team, and getting a healthy Parayko and Sunny will do wonders.

Thomas is still super young. He will get there.

The downside is there may be no fixing the D without Petro, but lets see if Parayko can get healthy.

I’d still be okay with bringing back Schwartz’s and Bozak, but my price and years keeps dropping. I’ve moved on from Schwartz as a top 6 anchor type player. He’s supplemental. $4.5 ish makes him a solid fit on a deep team if he’s the #5 or 6 forward. I’d take Bozak back for anything under $2m. (2 years max)

Re: St. Louis Blues 2020-21 Offseason and Season

Posted: June 3 21, 11:59 am
by GeddyWrox
Watch this hit: ... -WyUJUZtlQ

2) How was this hit ANY different than the one Krug put on Thomas early in the finals against Boston? Cause the NBC guys LOVED that hit. And this one is getting pretty much universally condemned. I don't get the difference.

Re: St. Louis Blues 2020-21 Offseason and Season

Posted: June 7 21, 1:09 pm
by mikechamp
Popeye_Card wrote:
June 2 21, 8:16 am
I agree that I'm not really sure where the Blues should go from here. They are a middle-of-the-pack type of team right now, a couple key injuries away from falling out of the playoffs. They're not bad enough to tank and get into lottery picks. But I don't think they are necessarily poised to make a couple moves to hang with the Knights and Avs next year.
This very much reminds me of a conversation I had with Wayne Gretzky, where he said, "You never want to finish in the middle. It''s better to be at the top, or if not, the bottom (because you can rebuild faster)."

Re: St. Louis Blues 2020-21 Offseason and Season

Posted: June 9 21, 10:59 am
by JCShutout
In happier news/memories, Stl authentics is selling the rest of the 2019 cup merch at super reduced prices. (A bunch of shirts at $5, the book-which was really good- in the mid $30s)

It’s part of, We Went Blues Day, Saturday they are going to replay game 7, post videos of great moments from the run on social media all day, merch (of course $$$) etc. I don’t have cable to watch game 7 (but I bought it on prime) but I’ll enjoy playing videos of the goals.

We Went Blues. Man, Brett Hull. The hand gesture, the chinchilla, the rick Flair drip shirt, creepy Gloria, game 4 opener… Dude must have been nonstop partying for like a month. It’s a wonder he survived.