Questionable Roster Management

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Questionable Roster Management

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As I mentioned in another thread, my fantasy league features many Cardinal fans who sometimes do silly things out of fandom for the home team. Things such as Yadier Molina getting drafted way too soon, Jake Westbrook being on a roster, etc. I can understand some of these things.

But two moves have me baffled. No logic whatsoever.

Background: head-to-head mixed league, 12 teams. Hitting categories R, 2B, HR, RBI, SB, Avg, OBP. Pitching categories W, L, SV, ERA, K, WHIP, K/BB.

Mystery 1: Brendan Ryan has spent the entire season on one guy's bench. He has a reliably good SS (Reyes). Guys like Lowrie have gone off and on the waiver wire. Ian Desmond still sits on the FA market. Yet Ryan stays, I guess as his injury backup for Reyes.

Mystery 2: Miguel Batista was picked up by a guy early on when TLR hinted that he would close when Franklin was unavailable. That obviously didn't happen. He was finally released this week. In that time, I've personally picked up Madsen, Salas, Mike Adams, and a couple others that I've held and dropped as RP's. Why the hell he hing onto Batista while saves and much better ratios were just sitting out there for the taking is unfathomable.
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