Adams & Profar

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Adams & Profar

Post by pioneer98 »

I have both Profar and Matt MG Adams on a fantasy team. What are the odds that these two guys are every day players next year?

The league I am in, we need to trim our roster down to 28 players. Of course, I’m keeping these two guys no matter what…but I am trying to decide whether or not I can waive the players they are currently behind. In other words, if I knew for sure Adams & Profar would be every day players, I could dump a couple more expensive players and use that money to fill some other lineup holes. Thoughts?

I can always waive players later to make back salary, but if I waive them now, I get 100% of their salary. If I waive them later, I get something less (depending on when I do it, I get back somewhere between 40% and 80% of their salary).

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Re: Adams & Profar

Post by JoeMcKim »

Unless if Adams gets traded or Craig and Carpenter get injured not a great chance of him playing everyday.

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