How did I do?

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How did I do?

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I have 4 teams now in that Benchwarmer Baseball league. One of them already has a really promising group of young players/prospects. I am blowing up the other 3 teams for prospects. I acted a bit early while big trade pieces were still available.

- I traded Koji Uehara for Addison Russell and Christian Yelich.
- I traded Jordan Zimmerman for Dallas Keuchel and Addison Russell (a different league than above).
- I traded Allen Craig for Mark Appel.
- I traded Hunter Pence for Kohl Stewart, Oswaldo Arcia and Juerys Familia.
- I have Uehara on another team...I have an offer out to trade him for Alex Guerrero, Alismendy Alcantara and Edwin Escobar...not sure if they will bite or if I'll have to settle for less.

I also had to pay about 40% of the salaries of the guys I was sending in the trade, since I was getting so much cheaper players in return.

In real life you'd never get this kind of return for Uehara, but in fantasy baseball he's pretty valuable. Especially with how playoffs work in this league.

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