Fun Fantasy League

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Fun Fantasy League

Post by TheTimeIsNow »

Two friends and I tried to get a fantasy baseball league going, but we couldn't get enough people so we decided to try something new. We made a 3 team league that consists of 10 players per team (30 players total). What makes this league interesting is that only 1 player per Major League team can be drafted.

The rosters consist of 2 middle infielders, 2 corner infielders, 3 outfielders, and 3 starting pitchers.

So, if Mookie Betts get picked, then Xander Bogaerts, Jackie Bradley, Chris Sale, David Price, and all of the rest of the Red Sox player are no longer eligible to be drafted.

Also, if in the middle of the season, Kris Bryant gets hurt, whoever has him can replace him with a player but he has to be a Cubs' player.

It was a fun draft and it really made you think. A lot of strategy was involved. Just thought it would be nice to pass that idea along because I'm really glad we did it.

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Re: Fun Fantasy League

Post by lukethedrifter »

sounds cool

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Re: Fun Fantasy League

Post by mikechamp »

Another quirky fantasy league idea I heard once was everyone trying to have the worst team. So you would intentionally draft backup Cs, middle relievers, 5th starters, benchwarmers, etc. In essence, it was a reverse fantasy baseball league.

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