Fantasy Football Payout Structure Dispute

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Which fantasy football payout is better for a league with 12 teams and a $300 pot?

1st: $200, 2nd: $75, 3rd: $25
1st: $190, 2nd: $85, 3rd: $25
Total votes: 2

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Re: Fantasy Football Payout Structure Dispute

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JCShutout wrote:
MrCrowesGarden wrote:
JCShutout wrote:Because its not a round number? I mean, I get it, it looks weird, but, in a vaccum, how is you wanting nice round looking numbers any different than them wanting a nice 2:1 ratio? Its just a preference.

Also, is it worth the battle? I mean, do what you want, but its $10.
A little bit the nice round number yes.

But it would also be stupid to say “yeah I won $195 in my fantasy football league. It would’ve been $200 but we had to make sure second got five dollars more.”

Also $200 is equal to 8 of the 12 payouts. $195 is... a number, I guess ? It just doesn’t make sense.

The dollar amount is irrelevant to me. I’d be arguing the same if it was a $250 buy-in instead of $25. Or $2.50. I’m not going to lose friends over it, but couldn’t you say “it’s just ten dollars” in favor of my argument too?
You could say it about both arguments. $195 is just a number. $200 is just a number. 2/3 is just a fraction. Why should the winner make at least 2/3 and not 3/4, or 3/5, or 2/5? Why is 8 of the 12 payouts important? Why not 7/12 or 1/2? Why not 9/12 or 5/6? They're all just numbers.

And if someone said to me "Yeah I won $195 in my fantasy football league!" I wouldn't say, "that's dumb, why wasn't it $200?" I'd say, "cool." I'd say the same thing if someone said they won $200, or $137.29. I wouldn't ask why it was an odd number. I'd probably ask who was on their team and their drafting, trading and FA strategy. I would assume there was some formula, and I'm probably an odd person in that I don't enjoy small talk about betting payout formulas, so I tend not to ask details about things that will likely lead to a conversation I don't find interesting, except around family, where boring conversations trump political battles.

They're all just numbers. Why not just have the league vote with an online survey? Majority rules, tie goes to a coin flip.
We are voting and most agree with me. Also said it’s my personal belief a winner should get 2/3 total at minimum in my first post.

I also don’t believe you wouldn’t wonder why you won $195 and not $200. Maybe you do but I would find it bizarre.

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Re: Fantasy Football Payout Structure Dispute

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If you think that number is important then go with it. My only point is that 2/3 is just as arbitrary and random as 2:1. You asked if you were being unreasonable ("crazy") and this is my 2 cents.

And you seriously overestimate details that I care about. I find it way more interesting and bizarre that you and your friends care strongly about arbitrary numbers than I do about payouts being round numbers or not. Think about the risk/reward of that conversation. Best case scenerio: boring description of a fantasy football betting payout formula. Worst case scenerio: arguments and drama over numbers... so this thread. Geez, I'm out. lol.

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