2018 Fantasy Football Keeper Suggestion

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2018 Fantasy Football Keeper Suggestion

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Our league allows you to keep one player, but you forfeit whatever round you draft that player in. In addition, if you keep that player for multiple years, you must forfeit a pick from the round up. So, if I keep my 4th rounder, I forfeit my 4th this year, but a 3rd next year, and a 2nd the year after that. Once you get to the first round, you're just capped.

We've had a lot of people understandably keeping their first round picks for a long time, so we are changing the rules after this upcoming season that you will automatically forfeit a pick from the round up and you can't keep your first round pick.

With that in mind, I'm wondering who I should keep this upcoming season. I have two choices basically:

- Ezekiel Elliott in the 1st round. The con would be this is the only year where I could keep him. The pro is that he should be pretty fresh for this season. I have the 7th out of 12 picks this season, so I probably wouldn't be able to re-draft him. I'm probably looking at someone like Deandre Hopkins, OBJ or a worse RB in the first if I don't keep him.

- Jacksonville D in the 14th. The obvious pro is a value pick that I could plausibly end up keeping for several years without problem. The con is defenses are notoriously volatile.


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