Trump and Draining the Swamp (or Not)

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Trump and Draining the Swamp (or Not)

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Trump Moves to Roll Back Financial Regulations
At the latter end of the article below - the Dodd Frank Act (What Bannon etc is going after) is explained. Even though how it's written is understandable, how regulations of massive financial companies plays out is complicated. FWIW I don't understand how it works.

Yet, as typical - complicated issues get reduced to some perverse generality, and in Trump's case he's not even truthful about the generality. The press can not get lost NPRing CNBCing the hell out this this debate. Don't give the story to the lame-ass anti-regulation business section of the paper.

Sure, some cost of regs get passed along to consumers, but [expletive] it - this has nothing to do with business as you or I imagine. This isn't about regulating your sister in laws scrapbooking propietorship. This isn't even about regulating what we most normally see as big business (stores, factories, farm operations, etc etc). It's the financial industry. And even there, it's not what we imagine. It's not the local credit union or community bank or Bailey Building and Loan.

It's about the Too Big to Fails.

This must be called what it is - A yuge gift to the billionaires that caused the 2008 meltdown. Congress can't get off message and lost in the complicated details. Trump is [expletive] the regular people over.

This should not be reduced to another [expletive] tribal left-vs-right issue where Joe the Plumber or Prosperity Gospelers take side of the billionaires. Instead it should rightfully be reduced to an oversimplified argument that all but the 1% should agree upon. ... /97454748/

he act increases the amount that capital banks must hold in reserve, giving the banks an added cushion to absorb loan losses in future downturns.

The act also subjects the nation's biggest banks to a series of heightened regulatory requirements

every bank with more than $50 billion worth of assets on its balance sheet must submit to annual stress tests administered by the Federal Reserve, which then determines if they would survive a hypothetically severe crisis akin to the one in 2008

The iteration of the rule in Dodd-Frank, known as the Volcker Rule, outlaws proprietary trading at universal banks and thereby limits their trading operations to serving as market makers for institutional clients.

Dodd-Frank Act was the founding of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which is vested with the authority to protect consumers from unfair, deceptive, or abusive financial products and services.
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Re: Trump and Draining the Swamp (or Not)

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Re: Trump and Draining the Swamp (or Not)

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Heh, Jason Kander stirs it up with Curt Schilling
Jason Kander ‏@JasonKander 3h3 hours ago
Jason Kander Retweeted Curt Schilling
Enjoyed watching you play. Better luck next year with the Hall of Fame balloting. That Rule 5 character clause can be a drag, huh?Jason Kander added,
Curt Schilling @gehrig38
@JasonKander what a piece of garbage you are. Pains me to say that about someone that served but man you need an ass whipping
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Re: Trump and Draining the Swamp (or Not)

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Looking forward to Curt tweeting a photo of ketchup on his knuckles.
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Re: Trump and Draining the Swamp (or Not)

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cardsfansince82 wrote:Looking forward to Curt tweeting a photo of ketchup on his knuckles.
I lol'd
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Re: Trump and Draining the Swamp (or Not)

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Trump clearly believes in wetlands protection. Swamps contain a great assortment of biodiversity and carbon capture. Gotta perpetuate the swamp.
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Re: Trump and Draining the Swamp (or Not)

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Bernie called Trump a fraud.


I hope to hell Trump tweets on this.

Bernie is the leader of US government-in exile
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Re: Trump and Draining the Swamp (or Not)

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Fellow Patriot,
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I'm pretty sure "Sign The Petition" is patriot-speak for "let us put you on our mailing list so we can ask you twice a week for a $35 contribution, a small price to pay to save the land we love".
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Re: Trump and Draining the Swamp (or Not)

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Trump adviser Icahn may have broken trading laws: Senators
"troubling" evidence, including "massive" profits Icahn reportedly reaped in the market for renewable fuel credits....

They argue that these profits warrant a probe into whether Icahn, who has retained control of his vast business empire despite being named by Trump a special adviser on regulatory reform, violated insider trading, anti-market manipulation or other laws.

Additionally, the Democrats want SEC chair Jay Clayton and EPA administrator Scott Pruitt to consider recusing themselves from this matter. Why? Because Icahn was involved in the vetting practice for both positions in the Trump administration and even met with Pruitt before his nomination.

Icahn did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
However, in March the billionaire investor dismissed conflict-of-interest allegations in an interview with CNNMoney as "absurd" and "completely ridiculous." He added, "I don't talk to Donald that often."
This is super [expletive] crazy unethical.
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Re: Trump and Draining the Swamp (or Not)

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Ethics don't matter.
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