Gerrymandering: Is This Big?

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Re: Gerrymandering: Is This Big?

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Supreme Court punts.Disappointing but not surprising.
In the Maryland case, the Supreme Court unanimously upheld a district court judge’s decision not to grant a preliminary injunction blocking the state’s 2011 congressional map. The justices said the legal uncertainty around the issue justified the judge declining to act.

In the Wisconsin dispute, the justices ruled unanimously that the Democratic voters challenging the state legislative map failed to prove they were injured by the drawing of the new boundaries. However, seven justices agreed to give the challengers another shot at making their case in the lower courts.
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Re: Gerrymandering: Is This Big?

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Might have been posted elsewhere, but NC has been forced to redraw some districts due to racial gerrymandering, so this is happening in the middle of that
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