Requiem For The Grand Old Party

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Re: Requiem For The Grand Old Party

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tlombard wrote:
Jocephus wrote:freed did it again!
Guessing made a post that messed up the forum formatting. I’ve noticed it a few times.
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Re: Requiem For The Grand Old Party

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Just wanna give this a lil bump here. There's a GOP genocide in the House coming over the next 25 years due to demographics that is also going to cost them the House and any shot at POTUS.

These Boomer GOPers like Rudy and Gowdy and Newt and the rest of them seem perfectly fine debasing themselves in service to Trump and the alt-right agenda, when they should be supporting impeachment and starting now to build the brand of what the GOP could be in the future. Like, they could be speaking out and saying "yo, we got off track with this nonsense, we are really The Party Of Lincoln (LOL whatever but that worked) and small government and low deficits and strong families and we are turning our backs on the big military spenders and the Middle East wars and the off-the-deep-end evangelicals and we want to be the party of the suburban working moms who go to church 4X/year." They could totally do that, but they just keep throwing good money after dead money in the pot at this poker table.
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Re: Requiem For The Grand Old Party

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Re: Requiem For The Grand Old Party

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That just proves that evil Libtards are forcing these Patriots into jail at any and all costs. This is why Libtards my St die to keep us all safe.
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