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GRB Cover Tourney 2.0 Rules/Regulations

Posted: February 1 18, 9:57 am
by Swirls
So as mentioned in the stickied thread in Social, I am going to run a second "best cover song" tournament here on GRB. All users are eligible to enter.

The tournament is for "Best Covered Song." It will be single elimination bracket style, capped at 32 entries. It is intentionally very broad - any genre, any decade/era, any artist, any skill level, any language (English is preferred obviously, but you could submit a song in French or Spanish or German or [expletive] Indian if you want - just realize a lot of people won't understand what the hell is being said). A cover of Taylor Swift is just as eligible as a cover of Johnny Cash. If you record yourself blaring Michael Jackson's "Beat It" from your garage, it's completely eligible so feel free to submit it. In fact, I encourage you to submit it whether or not you want it in the tournament.

The only restrictions are:

1) No holiday songs. There are already a million different versions of the same 10 songs.
2) The song being covered has to have had a commercial retail release by the original artist. I don't care if they only sold 10 copies of the original song, but you better have been able to buy it if you wanted to.
3) No David Hasslehoff. Foreign songs are fine, but he's just [expletive] creepy when he sings in German.
4) No repeat versions from the original tourney that was done at this time last year. The previous bracket can be found here.

Everyone is encouraged to PM me with TWO songs. The top song will be used for the tournament, with the second being a reserve in case someone else has already sent me your other choice first (or if you violated Rule #4 above and sent me a rendition that was used last year). Each song is obviously first come first served, and can only be used by one person total. If you only send me one, and it's Pearl Jam's "Last Kiss" and five other people already selected it (or if it was used last year), I will message you back and ask you to pick a different song. So rather than avoiding a bunch of back and forth, just send me a list of two songs (and go to the previous tournament bracket here to make sure neither was used last year). If we don't end up with a full 32 people who participate, I will go by the available reserve songs (first come first served).

Please send them to me in this format so I can enter everything into my spreadsheet easier:


So if you picked Alien Ant Farm's "Smooth Criminal", this is what you would send me:

Alien Ant Farm: Smooth Criminal, Michael Jackson, https://youtubeaddress#1, https://youtubeaddress#2

I will let nominations run through next Wednesday evening (2/7/18) unless it fills up sooner with all 32 participants. I will slowly begin populating everything in the bracket as submissions come in. Hopefully by Friday I can begin creating official threads for each particular matchup. Each matchup will run for 48 hours, although once we get to the Elite Eight or Final Four we may run it for longer. In order to prevent overloading and spamming the forum pages, I will only do 8 matchups at a time.

I think that is everything, although if I think of anything else I'll add it here. Feel free to use this thread for general smack talk. Obviously the best smack talk will be reserved for each particular thread, but general stuff can go here. Users are encouraged to pimp the hell out of your artist in your respective threads.

Let me know if you guys have any other questions.


Re: GRB Cover Tourney 2.0 Rules/Regulations

Posted: February 1 18, 9:57 am
by Swirls
The new bracket can be found at:

Re: GRB Cover Tourney 2.0 Rules/Regulations

Posted: February 1 18, 7:40 pm
by Swirls
Some great songs submitted so far! 10/32 slots filled already.

Re: GRB Cover Tourney 2.0 Rules/Regulations

Posted: February 1 18, 8:59 pm
by stlouie_lipp
Thanks for doing this again, Swirls.

Re: GRB Cover Tourney 2.0 Rules/Regulations

Posted: February 6 18, 7:32 am
by Swirls
Tomorrow night is the deadline to send me your songs! There are still plenty of open spots - if not all of them are filled I will use the reserve song entries that people submitted.