Round 1: "I'm On Fire" vs "Hey Jude" *CLOSED*

Topics for the 2017 cover song tournament.

Round 1: Best Covered Song?

Poll ended at February 11 18, 7:58 am

I'm On Fire
Hey Jude
Total votes: 16

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Re: Round 1: "I'm On Fire" vs "Hey Jude"

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ghostrunner wrote: Agree that it's better than the original. That's true of a lot of Beatles' covers, for me anyway.
Vehemently disagree, in general - but I'm with you in this case. Always thought "Hey Jude" was one of the more overrated Beatles songs. Enjoy this cover, though.

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Re: Round 1: "I'm On Fire" vs "Hey Jude"

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lukethedrifter wrote:If you only know Wilson Pickett from In the Midnight Hour and Mustang Sally, you’re missing some good stuff.

So true, Wilson Pickett is incredible. I forgot to vote but thankfully it won. I'm in the camp of you don't cover the Beatles but Wilson Pickett would be the exception to the rule. I think it's not only one of the best covers every but maybe one of the best songs ever. Eric Clapton says that southern rock was born when Dwayne played the lead on Hey Jude.

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