Round 1: "Bad Company" vs "Disarm" *CLOSED*

Topics for the 2017 cover song tournament.
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Round 1: Best Covered Song?

Poll ended at February 21 18, 10:56 am

Bad Company
Total votes: 14

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Round 1: "Bad Company" vs "Disarm" *CLOSED*

Post by Swirls » has all the tourney info.

Round 1: Round of 32!

#11: sparks' "Bad Company" by Five Finger Death Punch

Originally performed by Bad Company:

#22: ZigZagCardsFan's "Disarm" by Civil Wars

Originally performed by Smashing Pumpkins:
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Re: Round 1: "Bad Company" vs "Disarm"

Post by stlouie_lipp »

Disarm is just a pumpkins song i couldn't get into. Like Bad Company more than i thought I would.

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Re: Round 1: "Bad Company" vs "Disarm"

Post by IMADreamer »

I both love and hate that Bad Company cover.

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Re: Round 1: "Bad Company" vs "Disarm"

Post by Radbird »

IMADreamer wrote:I both love and hate that Bad Company cover.
Yeah, I agree. The original would make a kickass walk up song though.

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Re: Round 1: "Bad Company" vs "Disarm"

Post by Kincaid »

I really like that Civil Wars cover. It does a good job at pulling the most beautiful parts out of the original and keeping all the vulnerability of Billy Corgan's rendition, while still putting their own spin on it.

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