Elite 8: "Johnny B Goode" vs "Come Together" *CLOSED*

Topics for the 2017 cover song tournament.

Elite 8: Best Covered Song?

Poll ended at March 3 18, 11:45 am

Johnny B Goode
Come Together
Total votes: 19

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Re: Elite 8: "Johnny B Goode" vs "Come Together"

Post by cardsfansince82 »

This has Fancy Cub written all over it, IMO.

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Re: Elite 8: "Johnny B Goode" vs "Come Together"

Post by lukethedrifter »

Tim wrote:
Swirls wrote:
lukethedrifter wrote:
Swirls wrote:Luke's laying the trash on thick this round.
I would call it exposing the musical truth. Grunge, it was awesome for like 4 years.
And your rebuttal, Tim?
If grunge was once awesome, how can it no longer be awesome? It's either awesome or it isn't awesome.
Awesome like playing Candyland was awesome when you were 4.

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