Got your shot?

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Have you started and/or completed your COVID vaccination series yet?

Yes--Johnson & Johnson
No but soon
No and I won't
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Total votes: 42

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Re: Got your shot?

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cardsfantx wrote:
April 27 21, 9:41 am
how many of the people that haven't/won't get it, have already had the disease? If that number is substantial (which I'm guessing it is, and that may be another reason people aren't getting it, is they feel they have some immunity), then you're closer to the "herd immunity"
Probably a decent chunk of people who've recovered are making that calculus, but ideally they too would go ahead and get vaccinated anyway. Our immune system "remembers" a virus in a variety of different ways. By getting vaccinated even if you've already been infected, your immune system is going to be all the more robust if it sees the virus again.


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Re: Got your shot?

Post by AWvsCBsteeeerike3 » ... untry=~USA

Most vaccines in a day was 3.38M back on 4/13. We've been on a steady decline since then hitting 2.29 M yesterday.

Around here, the pace has slowed down as well. The governor announced today they're setting a goal for each county to hit 50% (we're at ~36% as a state) and asking local leadership to take up the charge. The Dept of Health is also reaching out to local communities asking for any gatherings that are taking place (eg, high school graduations, opening night for the AA team, farmers markets, livestock sales, etc etc etc) and they're going to set up booths to answer questions and vaccinate anyone that wants it. It's a nice thought, maybe. I fear there is a large divisiveness where people either see the vaccine as a savior or the devil incarnate where one portion has already been vaccinated and the other won't do it no matter how easy it is. But...we shall see, I reckon. The governor addressed it, partially, thinking there are a lot of people just dragging their feet so to speak and will get it if it's easy. Who knows.

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Re: Got your shot?

Post by AdmiralKird »

Need to start going door to door with it and getting it into the apathetic.

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Re: Got your shot?

Post by thrill »

Full vax. No side fx. I am invincible.

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Re: Got your shot?

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Shot 2 today. Other than a strange urge to buy a Windows phone and a Zune I seem ok so far.

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Re: Got your shot?

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I got my second shot this morning too. So far so good for the side effects, let's see how things go.

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Richie Allen
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Re: Got your shot?

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Almost 30 days since second shot. Also received shingles and tetanus shots a week ago. Any other shots out there?

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Re: Got your shot?

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Richie Allen wrote:
May 12 21, 2:26 pm
Almost 30 days since second shot. Also received shingles and tetanus shots a week ago. Any other shots out there?
Pneumonia and flu!

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